• Collaborating with Tafor we avoided inconveniences to the neighbours due to noise, guaranteed the business licence and minimized the soundproofing investment. 

    Hugo Figueiras Garcia, Works Manager
  • In our outdoor Megapark Club and TITOS Palma Night Club we managed to solve our noise impact problems that were affecting the neighbours, and we have also obtained better, high-quality interior acoustics. 

    Fernando Pareja, Palma Area Manager Cursach Ocio Group.
  • Tafor allows us to optimize costs in soundproofing and acoustic comfort room acoustics in our Architectural Projects, guaranteeing compliance with regulations and obtaining the business licence and construction permit.

    Ramón Corrochano Royo, Architect
  • Since we have the support of Tafor Consulting, we have achieved good results controlling the generated noise in our optical fibre nodes (technical equipment) impact to neighbours wherever we have incorporated their soundproofing solutions. We have also applied these acoustic solutions in our stores, where the existing echo and reverberation problems in some stores have been eliminated completely.

    Juan Antonio Barbero Redondo, Sales Manager
  • Thanks to our collaboration with Tafor Consulting we have managed to control the noise emission to the neighbours, to adapt the room acoustics and to gather a professional high fidelity sound with flat spectrum and high-powered sound.

    Héctor Cabot Contreras, Sound Technician Pacha Mallorca
  • We have solved our noise problems in our Tita Rivera breweries and we can now control the soundproofing minimums and acoustic comfort, reducing soundproofing and acoustic conditioning costs.

    Antonio Miguelez, Manager of Desymo, Estrella de Galicia constructor
  • Puro Hotel has worked in collaboration with Tafor to prepare the patios and public areas in order to play music, achieving an optimum environment while avoiding possible inconveniences to neighbours. Similarly, we have optimized the sound in Purobeach (Estancia Cove) controlling at the same time the emissions to exteriors.

    Beltran A. de Estrada, CEO Purogroup
  • Management Turístico collaborates with Tafor in the soundproofing and acoustic comfort room acoustic projects for our customers. Tafor always gives us the satisfaction of a job well done.

    Matias Mut, CEO Management Turístico
  • At Ibiza Rocks Hotel we have managed to avoid the noise impact to nearby houses thanks to Tafor’s acoustic consulting services, by only controlling the noise propagation in frequencies to the surroundings, without requiring any noise barriers or any acoustic special building solutions at all.

    Hector Parron, Manager Ibiza Rocks Hotel