Tafortech Services

Noise Maps

Noise maps for towns, cities, highways, roads, industry, railways, ports and airports are offered to analyze and to control the acoustic impact to the environment and population. We provide sustainable solutions to comply with acoustics regulations.

Acoustic Certifications

The Acoustic Certifications are offered to guarantee the acoustic result of our projects to assure the local and environmental regulations acomplishment.

Noise Control

We offer the overall noise control in order to achieve the needed noise reduction to comply with the maximum noise immission levels towards outdoors and nearby homes, avoiding annoyances and complying with national and local regulations and also avoiding any possibility of future closure due to noise.

Acoustic Comfort

Through a smart acoustic quality design we are able to achieve Acoustic Comfort in its interior. By absorbing unwanted sound propagation, by reinforcing the goal sound coverage at the entire area of ​​interest,  by controlling the reverberation and by sectorizing zones, we achieve the highest Intelligibility Index STI, Acoustic Comfort and customer satisfaction.

Construction Regulations Accomplishment

We calculate the minimum soundproofing required for each noise propagation path in each frequency band, to achieve the overall noise control and to comply with the regulated constructive solutions soundproofing index by national and local regulations.

Through our Cost Optimization Method we achieve the same target minimum soundproofing, noise barrier, or sound absorption with much less material.

Sound Amplification

By the application of our smart acoustic design, we condition the area so that it can then be filled by high-fidelity sound, achieving the best possible sound quality.

We implement the optimal acoustic space distribution, selecting the optimal location and directivity for the speakers, avoiding delays, echoes, distortion and resonances, obtaining the purest and most professional sound both in indoors and outdoors.