"While other forms of pollution are decreasing, noise pollution is increasing"

World Health Organization
"Rather than being part of the problem, become part of the solution"


Acoustic Innovation Technologies

Our purpose is to provide acoustic solutions implementing new technologies and professional expertise which results in cost efficient results. Our group of professionals have been able to develop unique methods in order to create the perfect environment while being sustainable in the new era of Industry 4.0

Our innovating technologies allows us to obtain a significant time reduction in terms of creation, follow up and post-sale. We are one of a kind and we have been leaders in the sector for more than 14 years.

In Tafortech we serve a wide range industries and customer segments by our acoustic services designed with a high degree of technology. While soundproofing still represents our cornerstone, we continuously work to develop our offering, wich allows us to meet specific demands at a competitive price with the best service.


To be a leading service provider in acoustic solutions complying with all the stablished regulations.


To deliver innovative acoustic solutions to the satisfaction of all clients and leaving a better world to future generations. Focused on sustainability, impact investment and innovation and technology towards the good of the planet.

To be a game changer.

Core Values

All of Tafortech’s achievements are inseparable from our core values that are consistently applied within all elements of our organization.

  • Environment and Health
  • People
  • Transparency
  • Quality Management
  • Cost Reduction

Key Milestones

Tafortech was established by pioneers in Acoustic Engineering with a long professional trajectory 
Tafortech is awarded the Young Entrepreneurs’ Award for Innovation for it’s innovating Passive Noise Control Technology to obtain the most accurate noise immission control for soundproofing and outdoor noise barrier systems
Tafortech developes the World ‘s 1st Elliptical Acoustic Barrier for Breathless Jamaica Montego Bay, achieving 100dBA in outdoors while keeping noise free neigbors
We are selected as Acoustic Consultants of the GTEP Group of the Official Engineers Association COIT in Spain
Tafortech Innovates with it’s unique Active Noise Control Technology to obtain the maximum sound levels while keeping noise free neighbors, with no on site works
Tafortech developes the World’s 1st Artificial Intelligence Technology applied to Acoustic Engineering to obtain the most accurate overall acoustic control in an Optimized way

Tafortech Technologies




Our Acoustic Projects allow the control of the minimum reinforcement insulation solution for each noise propagation path. We use the least amount of material with an intelligent thickness design of air chambers and cushioning systems. We treat only the propagation paths that need it.
All of this results in a minimum use of materials for a maximum performance, saving in the final investment.


At Tafortech we guarantee that the proposed building solutions are the minimum you need to avoid unnecessary additional costs and investment loss. The constructive solutions are calculated and selected by Artificial Inteligence, the acoustic outcome is contrasted with final 3D acoustic renders by the Beam Tracing Method, and the overall result can also be tested on site (ISO12354).
We comply with the environmental and building regulations.


We the Telecommunication Engineers are the only ones that study the Wave Phenomenon in the Acoustic Engineering field in Spain. In addition to the endorsement by the Official Association of Telecommunication Engineers COIT included, we guarantee the acoustic result with our civil liability insurance with a worldwide coverage of minimum 1.100.000€. Thanks to our system AI by Tafortech now AI takes control over the best overall performance.
Since our establishment in 2007 our acoustic projects have all been 100% successful.



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