In machinery rooms and outdoor facilities such as the ones of Mercadona Supermarkets in Spain, Tafortech assures the optimum calculations for the soundproofing and outdoor noise barriers systems to obtain the complete noise control at the lowest cost, for the indoor acoustic quality achievement and for the investment cost optimization, thanks to it’s unique innovating awarded engineering methods such as TFT-PNCM (Passive Noise Control), TFT-ANCM (Active Noise Control), TFT-AQM (Acoustic Quality Smart Design) and TFT-COPM (Cost Optimization).

We have avoided the closure of many existing supermarkets due to noise thanks to our own acoustic bridges location methods, managing to quickly solve air noise and vibration leaks in multiple machine rooms and outdoor installations with full guarantee, in some cases even without construction works, solving what many other companies had tried before and saving a lot of money in costs of new machinery and re-soundproofing.

Pablo Corrochano


Carla Perez-Rosales