Large companies in the Health sector as Sanitas trust Tafortech to Guarantee the overall Noise Control within their Indoor Noise Protected Rooms (regulated), to achieve the best Noise Sectorization within the Building (not regulated), Optimize the Investment in Soundproofing and lower the costs, and also achieve the Noise Control of their facilities and machinery towards neighbors and property perimeter. Tafortech allows them to know the optimized constructive solutions and falicities noise and vibration treatment to achieve all multiple noise control goals at the lowest cost, thanks to it’s unique innovating awarded engineering system AI by Tafortech wich includes our engineering methods such as TFT-PNCM (Passive Noise Control), TFT-AQM (Acoustic Quality Smart Design) and TFT-COPM (Cost Optimization).

Pablo Corrochano


Carla Perez-Rosales