Our Acoustic Engineering Studies allow the control of the minimum reinforcement insulation solution for each noise propagation path, with the least amount of material, with an intelligent thickness design of air chambers and damping systems (Law of Mass), treating only the propagation paths that need it. It happens in a similar way in the rooms acoustic comfort adaptation methods. 


At Tafor we guarantee that the proposed building solutions are the minimum you need to avoid excesses (unnecessary additional costs) and shortfalls (investment loss). Our calculations are contrasted with 3D Beam Tracing Method simulations, and the result can also be contrasted in situ (ISO12354)


Telecommunication Engineers are the only ones that study the Wave Phenomenon in the Acoustic Engineering field. In addition to the endorsement by the Official College of Telecommunication Engineers COIT included, we guarantee the acoustic result with our civil liability insurance with a worldwide coverage of 600,000€. Since 2007, when we started, our acoustic studies have been 100% successful.